Monday | September 26, 2016
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Lexar produce many different USB flash drives and the Firefly is physically their smallest design, aiming to provide large storage capacities while being small and convenient for the smallest of coat pockets. The Firefly is supplied without any bundle and it measures 48x20x9mm (LxWxH) with the cap on and is available in six colors with six capacities. The design of the drive itself is simple with the Lexar logo engraved on it. The cap is transparent and can be inserted to the rear of the drive during use.

The entire rear part of the Firefly is actually a large blue data access LED light. When the transparent cap is inserted at the rear of the drive and you are accessing or writing data to it, it is made obvious why Lexar named this flash drive Firefly. There is a spot at the edge of the cap where you can tie a lanyard to, and you should not worry of the cap coming off accidentally while carrying the drive around as the cap locks to the drive very firmly. There is absolutely no software to be found preloaded in the Firefly.

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