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Saturday | July 30, 2016
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9800 GTX/X2 and 3870 Roundup

9800 GTX/X2 and 3870 Roundup


In November 2006 Nvidia released the 8800 GTX, a new graphics processing unit which was designed to capture the performance crown and replace the 7900 series of Geforce cards. The technology behind the GTX evolved into the 8800 Ultra in May 2007 and various changes have followed which resulted in the recent release of G9x based Geforce cards. Although there has been no single core replacement for the GTX/Ultra the advances in the lower end parts with technologies such as PureVideo HD and an improved fabrication process mean that the G80 based cards are, amongst other things, somewhat lacking in features and are much more expensive to produce than other products.

So that brings us to the reason for today’s article, the launch of the 9800 GTX. Nvidia’s PR documentation tells us that the new GTX is a replacement for the 8800 GTX but in reality it is also a replacement for the 8800 Ultra, a product which is becoming harder to find available in stores all over the web.

In addition to seeing how the 9800 GTX compares with the 8800 Ultra as a single card and in SLI we will also be taking this opportunity to see how the 9800 GX2 and 3870 X2 fit into a marketplace which now contains no high end G80 product.

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