Friday | September 30, 2016
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Cebit 2008 – Day 1

Cebit 2008 – Day 1

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Cebit 2008 – Day One

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Ultra mobile PC’s seem to be incredibly popular at the moment (in fact this article is being written on an Asus Eee PC!) and GeCube were demonstrating their own take on the product. The Community Service Essay For Highschool Students Genie PC has a seven inch screen (800×480), runs Linux and has a battery life of over 3.5 hours. It also weighs a total of only .95kg.

Also on display was a system running two 3870X2’s in CrossFireX, more on that later. Writing A College Application Letter The Easy Way Gigabyte
As with many manufacturers Gigabyte were showing off their X48 board. The model pictured below features a couple of interesting specifications most notably support for DDR3-1900.

Winner for most cool enthusiast gadget of the show so far has to go to Gigabytes new system monitoring tool. Like many motherboards there is an application which measures the various system readings but in addition to this Gigabyte have designed a small display mounted device which displays the current information and looks quite retro. How To Write An Application Letter Head Geil
Geil, as expected, were showcasing memory products. The first item of interest is their new heatsink which works in a similar way to Corsairs Dominator in that it uses large heatsinks to draw heat to the top of the modules. These new heatsinks will make their way on to DDR2 and DDR3. Speaking of DDR3 that brings us on to the next item, DDR3 with XMP profiles for Intel chipsets at impressive speeds of 1600MHz.

Scienceresearch Papers Graduate Jetway
Jetway demonstrated their massive range of products and really have gone the whole hog with the passive cooler on their HI-03 Extreme board. It truly is huge and worth a mention for that fact alone!

Arctic Cooling
Over at the Arctic Cooling stand we caught a glimpse of a new CPU cooler which is a month or so away from release. The Business Plan Writing Services Dallas Tx Freezer Xtreme is compatible with AMD and Intel chips, has 8 heat pipes as well as over two hundred fins. Considering how good the existing Freezer series is we have high hopes for this product.

The next big thing from Abit looks to be their X48 based board, the Do Research Papers Have Abstracts IX48-MAX Tiger Force. All the expected specifications are present as well, such as DDR3-1600 and the ability to monitor the system with uGuru.

Dissertation Marketing Online Zalman
Zalman are probably most known for their cooling but at this particular show they were displaying various 3D enabled displays. Each one requires a special set of glasses and Call of Duty 4 and Guitar Hero were the showcase games.

If 3D displays are not your thing then maybe multi displays are. Over at BIOSTAR they were showing off Hybrid SLI, again more on that later, along with four screen systems. On a big stand they look great but do any of us really have the room?

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