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Saturday | July 30, 2016
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Avivo HD Vs Purevideo HD

Avivo HD Vs Purevideo HD

Image 2: Casino Royale 1hr 58m 12s

Please note for these tests we have supplied lossless quality BMP’s so you are able to look at the high resolution images yourself. That said, we are aware that not everyone will be on high speed broadband so there are JPEG versions available as well (by simply clicking the images), however please be aware that JPEG format is a lossy format, and introduces its own artifacting via compression. They are merely included as an fast loading reference for your perusal – the BMPS should be viewed for closer study.

BMP version available HERE
BMP version available HERE

Media Enthusiast Observations:
With this outdoor scene we see that there is a significant difference in overall brightness between the two images and the result is that once again Nvidia lose much of the finer detail in areas such as dark hair. There is less of an impact in the rest of the image and Eva Greens skin and dress appear to have a much warmer tone on Nvidia, although it is hard to say which version of her skin is most true to life.

Analysis Overview

Expert Observations:
Analysing section 1 for skin tone shows us that while both images are detailing between 33-35% cyan there is a large increase in magenta within the Nvidia image (9%) as well as a 3-5% higher level of both black and yellow. Both images are giving good skin tone, however the ATI frame is a slightly more neutral balance.

Section 2 is an area of hair which will be saturated with the sun’s rays for this particular scene. Her hair shows a reddish tinge on both Nvidia and ATI frames. The ATI card is rendering 69% magenta and 75% yellow while the Nvidia counterpart is showing 72% magenta and 73% yellow with a 5% higher level of black. This 5% pushes the black content above 80% which on anything but an absolutely perfectly calibrated screen could mean the loss of detail, a point verified by Stuart’s comments above.

Section 3 is an area of the green blouse that Eva is wearing. Green is a particularly difficult colour to render correctly as any saturation of magenta can make the colour look ‘murky’. Analysing both images shows that the Nvidia render is adding an extra 11% of yellow (98%) and an extra 12% of black (50%).

There is no doubt in my mind that ATI are displaying a technically better image in this scene, however on the screens I tested both look rather good.

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