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The BFG ES 800W unit is made from quality components and despite having four independent 12V voltage rails each individual rail has a very high power delivery capability, making it especially useful for powering systems with multiple GPUs.

http://aspenatyourservice.net/amorce-dissertation-roman/ Amorce Dissertation Roman The electrical performance of the unit is not going to set new benchmarks, but it is very good. The frequency conversion design works very well and it is very efficient even at very low loads, but many people would doubt the usefulness of that feature as no sane person would buy an 800W PSU to power a =150W load. Visually, the BFG ES is well designed and attractive, which should appeal to people who care about the aesthetics of their computer as well.

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We were mostly disappointed by the cooling system. The fan is powerful but the heatsinks are miniscule and so the fan needs to spin faster and faster, killing the acoustics performance At and below 50% load the unit is either absolutely quiet or the noise is barely noticeable, but above 50% load the fan quickly spins up. At 100% load (although thats an unlikely real world situation) the noise is extremely annoying. This particular design could certainly use some bigger heatsinks.

http://www.smn.gob.hn/?phd-thesis-emotional-intelligence Phd Thesis Emotional Intelligence It is clear that BFG are aiming the ES 800W towards hardcore gamers as the abnormally strong 3rd and 4th lines are certainly designed to be able to provide power to multiple GPU systems without problems. The aesthetics are great for people who have windowed side panels and the acoustics performance will certainly not matter to people with multiple GPU systems as these cards tend to have noisy cooling systems anyway!

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