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Wednesday | February 22, 2017
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Top Spin 3 (PS3 & X360)

Top Spin 3 (PS3 & X360)

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The Top Spin series has been incredibly popular since its inception and with the latest release on the next generation consoles the success is sure to continue. 2K games with developer PAM have rather surprisingly totally overhauled the gameplay mechanic and while it is for the better, does it actually work?

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The gameplay this time around is entirely focused around timing, positioning and skill. The better you are positioned and the more accurately you time your shot the more power and angle you can put on the ball. Equally so if you are off position or miss time the shot you will more than likely hit the ball out or into the net. The whole mechanic revolves around a hold and release system, you hold the button down and move into the correct position as the ball comes towards you, then you release just as the ball hits the ground and rises, this will ensure a perfect stroke. The longer you hold the button down before the impact the more power you place on the stroke. As unusual as this sounds, once you master the technique, the rewards are immense. Homework Help Parents

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This advanced system continues throughout the game, right into the serving algorithms. To time the serve you need to release the button as the ball reaches the top of its path, additionally you can even use the right stick for the serving, pull it back to toss the ball, then quickly push forward to serve. Slicing a serve is also an option, by rotating clockwise upwards on the upstroke. Top spin is achieved by a counter-clockwise movement. Directing a ball during a serve has also changed from merely holding the stick during the serve to now moving when being in the motion of hitting the ball. The longer the direction is held the further the ball goes. To be honest it is a little tricky and will take considerable time to master, I can already forsee that a percentage of the audience will already hate the game for the rather in-depth and unique control system.

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Buy Essay Personal Development Plan To be fair to the mechanics, even shots that seem impossible initially become achievable with some time and a lot of practice, especially if you manage to be successful in career mode and your stats increase. Frequently I wanted to hit a winning power shot down the line when the opponent was caught off guard but quite often it ended up out of bounds.  While I appreciate the need for these to be realistic, I still feel the difficulty level of these risk shots needs to be slightly lower. Obviously some of you guys reading this are masters with the system already and my lameness is apparent.

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The computer AI is another game strong point, I was unable to find a specific move to simply defeat every player, you really do have to fight for every ball and every point to win games. Certain characters will play to their strengths, such as net or baseline, forehand, backhand, you name it. It really is as varied a tennis game as you will ever play.

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Product image Dissertation Help Service Binding I am a huge tennis fan and have been looking for a game like this for a long time, a game which doesn’t simply rely on mashing the X button or finding a single weakness for every computer player. The learning curve is tough, however it rewards the patient and giving people who spend time mastering the controls. This in itself is a huge step up from the usual run of the mill Tennis drivel  we are subjected to every year. The only negative aspect I could name would be the extremely difficult risk/power shots which will only work for the most delicate of fingers. Whether this game will appeal to you will be easy to ascertain – do you like to pick up a tennis game to play a quick match or do you want something massively rewarding which will grow with you as your skillset increases?

Massively rewarding if you stick with it. Addictive.
As good as I have seen in a tennis game, Playstation 3 version looks slightly sharper and the player animations and model detail are superlative.
Nothing memorable but perfectly acceptable.
If you like indepth sports games and like to be awarded with practice, look no further.
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(Not an Average)
“For a tennis game!?” I hear you cry. Yes, but this isn’t just another tennis game, it has a ground breaking control system.

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