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Saturday | May 28, 2016
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Alienware m15x

Alienware m15x

2. Alienware m15x (2)4. Alienware m15x (4)

The M15 is finished in a very attractive silver and is available in two versions, the “Skullcap” or “Ripley”, the prior being the bevelled rib style we are all used to seeing. I opted for the new Ripley design as it is more attractive, well to these eyes anyway.

The Classic "SkullCap" lid design

The new "Ripley" lid design

As it is hard for pictures to sometimes do a machine justice I can safely assure you that many family members and colleagues all thought that the machine was just menacing enough. It certainly exudes an air of class and confidence that will reassure you of the money you have spent. Obviously your opinion may vary but I think it is one of the most impressive 15.4 inch laptops I have seen.

Now ain’t that pretty

This is enhanced in no small manner by the lighting system which comes installed on the M15x. On the outside of the chassis you are presented with the famous Alien’s head as well as a light beam down the sides of the screen. You can control the lighting in these sections as well as the keyboard, quick touch buttons, Alienware lettering and touch pad surround. These are controlled by AlienFX Command Centre software which allows you to change the colour as well as the behaviour.

The theme adjustable "Command Centre"

Yes, as if all these control options weren’t enough you can fine tune pulsing and colour rotations by this software. And, before you complain, yes you can turn them off too.

Touch sensitive buttons …

… might not be to everyone’s tastes

Many of you may not be sold on this somewhat gimmicky idea, however with the various colours at your fingertips these are all additional options to let the enthusiast customise the laptop to their own individual requirements. At night time, the light beams down the side of the screen add a very futuristic look to the unit while during the day they are barely noticeable. My particular highlight is the keyboard, as it not only looks great with the Star Trek style lettering, but it feels very responsive and is undoubtedly one of the finest laptop keyboards I have used to date.

Lovely feel, looks great too.


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