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Thursday | July 28, 2016
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Novatech X80r Pro Laptop

Novatech X80r Pro Laptop

Battery Life and Temperatures

The 8-Cell 4400mAh battery is stated by Clevo to run for 130 minutes however there is no information on the conditions this figure is taken from. We therefore ran a few tests to establish the length of time the laptop would stay active during normal use. Normal use for us involved writing in word, whilst doing some basic surfing and having a video running in the background (standard definition .avi). With these tasks being performed we were able to achieve the battery life results in the table below.

The first thing that is worth saying is that we did not achieve the 130 minutes stated by Clevo but on the power saver profile 113 minutes is not a bad result for such a high specification machine.

Power Saver
X80r Pro
1hr 10mins
1hr 42mins
1hr 53mins

As with all high specification laptops thermal performance is something which should always be taken into consideration as a machine which runs too hot can become unstable, or unsuitable for use in some areas.

In the case of the X80r the temperatures produced at idle were 37 degrees Celsius for the CPU and 42 for the GPU. Under normal surfing and use this rises by a couple of degrees on each part and finally when running CPU and GPU intensive tasks we reach temperatures of 55 for the processor and 69 for the 8800M.

Noise levels for the machine were actually quite reasonable and unless really pushing the system it remains silent for the majority of the time, only occasionally spinning up to give the CPU or GPU a blast of cool air. When gaming or performing tasks such as rendering the noise level does increase and is noticeable however it never reaches a level which we consider to be painful.



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