Thursday | September 1, 2016
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GELID GC1 Thermal Compound

GELID GC1 Thermal Compound

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Modern processors produce a lot of heat and it requires large heatsinks with fans to keep everything running to specification. Thermal paste is one of the most critical components for keeping your processor cool, especially for those of us who overclock. The surfaces of processors and heatsink bases may appear to be completely flat to the naked eye but on a microscopic level there are many imperfections. These imperfections create air pockets between the cooler and the CPU which can have a great effect on thermal performance. This reduces the size of the contact area and air is a poor heat conductor.

Thermal paste is used to fill these voids and due to the low cost there is no excuse for not using high quality thermal compound if you run any sort of intensive applications or plan on overclocking your processor. Today we’re going to look at a product from Gelid Solutions, their GC1, a high performance thermal compound. Gelid are a new company and provide a range of cooling products for the enthusiast.

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Product image Consentement Au Mariage Dissertation The Gelid GC1 thermal compound comes in plastic sealed packaging, with a piece of card providing the artwork and information. Can You Please Give Me Some One Who Can Help Me Write A Essay

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Dna Cloning Research Papers On the back of the packaging, Gelid have provided the specifications of the compound and a graph comparing its performance to that of the most well known and widely used compound on the market, Arctic Silver 5. In addition, there is a selection of comments from various reviews.

How To Write A High School Application Get There isn’t a lot you can do with packaging for such a small product, but Gelid have got their presentation right on the mark and the GC1 thermal compound is an appealing product.

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