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Saturday | July 30, 2016
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Patriot & Super Talent DDR3-1800

Patriot & Super Talent DDR3-1800


Super Talent (Lifetime Warranty)
We would like to see a little more product information on the Super Talent packaging to assist consumers in stores but in terms of the actual memory modules there is little we can say to fault the product.

Super Talent have chosen to use very aggressive timings on their memory and this results in some very impressive performance which matches or exceeds just about every DDR3-1800MHz kit on the market. The aesthetics are also good and the black heatsinks should fit in well with many high end motherboards which use a similar colour scheme. Pricing of these modules in the United States is also very competitive ($155) as they cost just under $10 less than the Patriot modules which perform slower and an amazing $100 less than the equivalent modules from Corsair. The UK pricing is not so competitive with Scan offering them up for £150 which works out to be $224 at time of press. As usual the UK gets the rough end of the stick.

Available for $159 from Newegg (USA) and £150 from Scan (UK)

Patriot (Lifetime Warranty)
The packaging is good and with these modules we have speed, timings and voltages listed … ideal for those browsing in a store as well as someone sitting down to configure their systems BIOS. Each stick has a decent weight to it thanks to the aluminium copper composite heatsinks and like the Super Talent modules Patriots Viper 1800MHz give us excellent performance in every test and ran without issue.  Clearly the advertised timings of this kit (8-8-8-20) cause it to perform slightly lower than the Project X modules but with some manual configuration or the use of the second XMP timings it is possible to configure the sticks to use near identical timings and therefore achieve the same performance.

Finally, there are two other aspects which should be taken into account when considering the Patriot memory, firstly they use a slightly lower voltage of 1.9v at the advertised timings and secondly they achieved the best overclock in this review at 1956MHz which adds considerable value to the product. While the USA pricing is on a par with the Supertalent memory, the UK is much more competitive as Aria are currently selling them for £105 … this works out to be £45 less, a considerable saving.

Available for $164 from Newegg (USA) and £105 from Aria (UK)

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