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GTX 295 & GTX 285 Graphics Cards

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By default GTX cards are set to handle PhysX calculations, where available, however it is also possible to add a second Nvidia card to the system and nominate that to handle the non graphics workload. This leaves the primary card free to handle the 3D workload and should improve framerates. So, for example, in a situation where a consumer is upgrading from a GTX 280 to 295 the old card can be used as a PhysX processor. Shown above we have the framerates achieved when combining the 280 with the newer 285 and 295 and it is clear there are significant benefits to be gained from adding a second card. It does not have to be an expensive model which is added to the system though; a GPU such as the £40/$60 GeForce 9400GT performs very well in a game such as Mirror’s Edge. Help With History Homework Ks3

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