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HIS 4870 IceQ4+ TURBO Graphics Card

HIS 4870 IceQ4+ TURBO Graphics Card

On First Page2. HIS 4870 IceQ4+ Turbo

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The Radeon HD 4870 was ATIs answer to the powerful GTX260, so after the release of the MaxCore GTX260 ATIs partners got to work on overclocked versions of their 1gb 4870s to compete in the market.
Weve already looked at the Gainward and Sapphire overclocked variations and today we are going to look at an offering from HIS, the HD4870 IceQ 4+ Turbo.

We recently looked at the HIS HD4850 IceQ 4 TurboX and it earned our highly coveted Heavenly Gold Award. Hopefully the 4870 we are checking out today can offer the same value and performance package for its class.

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