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Today we have the opportunity to review another product from NorthQ, a Danish company who have been aggressively expanding the last several months. Not long ago we had a look at the Siberian Tiger, a compact water cooling solution designed to narrow the chasm between air coolers and more complex DIY water cooling solutions. It was a pre-assembled, easy to install and maintenance free water cooling product.

NorthQ have already released a second version of the cooler, dubbed the Siberian Tiger II. The Siberian Tiger II is not much different than the first version as the only basic differentiation is the use of a dual radiator for increased performance.

Manufacturer’s Features & Specifications

"The system is completely closed and sealed, so there is no maintenance for the end user. No changing the water, no risk of leaks and because it is very simple to install, the RMA and support problems are no longer issues. The pump is certified to operate for 5.5 years without fail."

  • Easy to use and install, less hassle
  • Great Cooling performance.
  • No Maintenance for the end user (install and forget)
  • Supports both Intel and AMD
  • Pump: Proprietary AC/DC hybrid technology with high-precision ceramic bearings and RPM monitor (3pin)
  • Heat exchangers: 240 x 120mm
  • Tubes : 35cm flexible steel tubes with plastic cover
  • Fan: 2 x NorthQ Extreme silent 120mm FAN, with blue LED light, on/off light switch
  • System performance: Rth ≈ 0.13 °C / W
  • Liquid: Non-toxic, non-flammable liquid that does not expand with changes in temperature
  • Complete Noise level: <20 dBA
  • Lifetime: 50,000 hours [MTTF]

Sockets supported: 478, 754/939/940, AM2 & LGA775

Case fitting
Any case with room for dual 120mm fans within range of CPU area
Please ensure that your case can support 2 x 120mm fans in the top or the rear of your case.

Packaging and Bundle

The NorthQ Siberian Tiger is supplied in a simple cardboard box with a handle at the top. There is almost no artwork on the box but the most basic features are listed around the package. The box is sturdy and everything inside is very well supported by a clear plastic body so it should keep the product safe during shipping.

There are a plethora of items bundled with the Siberian Tiger. First of all, there are four retention brackets (socket 754/939, AM2, 775 and 478) and two back plates (socket 754/939, AM2), however no back plate is necessary for sockets 478 and 775. There also are two fan speed controllers, a triple dial one you can install in an empty expansion slot of your case and a single dial one which can be installed internally. As the Siberian Tiger II has two cooling fans you cannot use the internal speed controller in order to control the speed of both fans, but you can use it to control the speed of any other fan of your choice.

Crystal clear 120mm ball bearing fans provide the necessary airflow; both fans feature blue lighting LED lights and an on/off switch which is right next to the 3-pin power header. That may not be the most convenient place to have a switch as you will have to remove the side panel of your case in order to switch the LEDs on or off (to be fair the Siberian Tiger II is designed to be installed entirely inside the case). Finally there are all of the necessary screws and an illustrative manual which is written only in English.

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