Sunbeam and NorthQ CPU Coolers

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Introduction and packaging

Over the years we’ve seen countless designs spanning across a huge range of coolers on the market. Due to the ever increasing thermal output of modern components, companies have been evolving their cooling solutions over the years to keep up with the demands. Today we’re going to take a look at three coolers which use an exposed heatpipe design, providing the heatpipes with direct contact to the core as opposed to transferring heat through a base.

The first of the three coolers is an offering from Sunbeamtech, the Core-Contact Freezer. Sunbeamtech have offered a number of cooling solutions over the years, some marketed under the Tuniq brand. They also offer a number of other components such as cases and power supplies.

The other two coolers are the Max Tower and Max Tower Extreme offerings from NorthQ, a Danish company who offer a number of cooling solutions and power supplies in addition to a few other accessories.

The Sunbeamtech cooler comes packaged in fairly heavy duty box with a picture of the cooler on the front and a labelled cut-away diagram of the fan mechanism. The sides and back of the box list information on the specifications and various features.

Inside the box, in addition to the cooler you’ll find a mounting bracket and pegs, fan wire brackets, a single screw, a fan controller, an instruction manual and a tube of the fantastic Tuniq TX-2 thermal compound.

The Max Tower coolers arrive in almost identical boxes, with one side displaying a large picture of the cooler alongside a list of features. The reverse side is home to a list of specifications and three additional pictures of the unit.

The two NorthQ bundles are identical, each containing a mounting bracket and pegs, an instruction manual, a tube of thermal compound, fan wire brackets, a fan controller and a cable for connecting it. There is also strip of double sided adhesive tape for placing the fan controller.

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