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Wednesday | May 25, 2016
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AMD Phenom 2 X4 810/ X3 720 BE

AMD Phenom 2 X4 810/ X3 720 BE

On First Page2. Phenom 2 X4 810


Nearly two months ago AMD launched the Phenom 2 with the main benefit over the original Phenom being enhanced performance on the higher end model. That was not the only improvement though as technology such as cool n quiet was improved and as a result the launch was quite successful, even if the processors were priced a little high. At that point the one thing which was missing from the AMD line-up was support for DDR3 which Intel have been providing for quite some time, today we look at the first couple of CPUs which resolve that issue.

Those CPUs and the latest motherboard from Asus will be tested in a number of real world scenarios to establish how well they compare to their DDR2 competition.

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