Socket 1366 Cooler Roundup March 09

3. Cooljag Falcon IV5. AMA Aragon 900

Noctua NH-U12P Special Edition

The Noctua NH-U12P arrives in a box which is absolutely packed with information on most sides. After un-boxing the components we find all of the items required to install this cooler on a socket 1366 motherboard. One item which is not often included by manufacturers is a screwdriver but Noctua choose to bundle one which tells us that no corners are being cut.

As well as the installation brackets we receive two fans with this heatsink; these are Noctua branded and are SSO-Bearing models with a maximum speed of 1300RPM. Each provides airflow of 92.3 m3/h with a very low noise level of 19.8dBA (maximum). It is possible to add in the bundled wiring to force lower fan speeds of 1100 and 900RPM but for most people this will not be necessary as these items are very quiet. Also visible in the pictures above is the design of the nine fan blades, rather than having a smooth edge they have several ridges which help to enhance the airflow.

The heatsink used in this product features aluminium fins with three copper heat pipes and a copper base. The copper is plated with nickel and all of the joints are soldered on this heatsink. Dimensions before attaching the fans are 158x126x71mm and the weight without fan is 600g, rising to 940g when fully configured.

To install the heatsink we place a back plate underneath the board and then two bars are attached to the top by four screws. Each of these bars has a further screw pre-attached to the middle and line up with the fittings which we add to the CPU block. After attaching the first components to the motherboard and then the others to the CPU block it is simply a case of tightening the two together.

This installation method is called SecuFirm2 and works very well because most of the hard work is performed with the motherboard out of the system and we simply need to turn two screws to attach the heatsink when in the case. Four metal clips are provided to attach the fans to the heatsink which is also a very simple process. Finally, as with the Akasa Nero this is quite a tall heatsink and so we have provided a picture with standard height PCIe graphics card to give an indication of the scale.

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