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Intel Xeon W5580 Cpus and S5520SC Motherboard

Intel Xeon W5580 Cpus and S5520SC Motherboard

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Cinebench R10 64bit

Cinebench is a great program for testing the possible rendering performance of a system in a real world engine based on Maxon’s Cinema 4D rendering engine. We are also using the 64 bit version of the application to fully utilise the processors on test today.

The figures are very impressive for the new W5580 Xeon CPU’s and just for the record, in order for the Skulltrail system to achieve 30,000 in Cinebench it needs to be overclocked to just over 4ghz, which is a 800 mhz clock advantage for every core. This is a good indication of the new platforms efficiency when taken side by side on a clock per clock basis.

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