Seasonic M12D 750W PSU

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Well informed enthusiasts already know that Seasonic are the OEM manufacturer behind a large percentage of high performance power supplies released to the retail market.

Seasonic directly have focused on the OEM market, therefore it would be rare to find a Seasonic branded retail product on store shelves. It was only recently that Seasonic have decided to release many high performance retail products under their own brand name. Today we will review one of their higher end products, the M12D 750W PSU. The M12D 750W boasts some very impressive specifications, but at the same time its retail price requires it to compete against the best products of its class. We will soon find out if it can take on some of the finest PSUs released in the retail market to this date.

Manufacturer’s Features & Specifications

Input Voltage
100-240V (90-264V)
Maximum Amperage
Maximum Load

  • Super high efficiency (up to 90%) – Green solution for lowering energy consumption, noise and heat.
  • DC to DC Converter Design – Superior dynamic response and greater system stability
  • Practical Dual 12V Rails – Ample 12V output with OCP for extreme utilization
  • Tight voltage regulation – Improved load regulation to reduce voltage variations
  • Highly reliable 105°C Japanese Brand Capacitors – Exceptionally reliable components extend product life
  • Solid Caps on 12Vs for Extreme Stress Operation Conditions – Enhanced stability at severe operating conditions
  • Active Power Factor Correction (99% PF) – Reduces line loss and power distortions
  • Dual Sided PCB Layout – Better utilization of PCB space to enhance quality and performance
  • Detachable Modular Cables – Flexible cable solution to reduce clutter
  • San Ace Silent Fan (Sanyo Denki) – Premium quality fan for silent operation
  • Smart & Silent Fan Control (S2FC) – Smart thermal control to balance between noise and cooling
  • Ultra Ventilation (Honey Comb Structure) – Minimizes airflow resistance for maximum cooling
  • Multi-GPU Technologies Supported – 6P and 8P PCI-E connectors to support all multi-GPU platforms.
  • All-in-One DC cabling design – Supports PC, IPC, workstation and server systems
  • Universal AC Input (Full Range) – Plug and run safely anywhere in the world
  • Patented Easy Swap Connector – Unplug the connectors easily, quickly and safely
  • 5 Year Warranty – Our commitment to superior quality

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