ASUS GTX260 Matrix Graphics Card

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Final Words and Conclusion

The Asus ENGTX260 Matrix certainly sets itself apart from the rest of the crowd by offering a number of features straight out of the box that will appeal to demanding customers, all at a very competitive price.

In addition to offering a custom cooling solution and efficiency management that surpasses many of its competitor’s products the ENGTX260 iTracker software allows you to adjust clock speeds and voltages on the fly. Even to many gamers and enthusiasts who may already overclock their products, graphics card overvolting is generally a less common practise than with the CPU for example. In fact many cards contain voltage regulators which make software volt modding a difficult proposition.

At £160 the ENGTX260 Matrix carries an aggressive price tag and is placed in the same territory as basic and lightly overclocked versions of the card. BFGs OCX GTX260 MaxCore retails for around the £200 mark and when you consider the fact that this card can reach vastly higher clocks while staying under warranty it becomes a very attractive proposition.

In addition to the card offering blinding performance for a GTX260 the cooler is a component which adds further value to the overall package. The card is completely silent when operating out of GPU intensive applications as the fans come to a complete standstill transforming the unit into a passive cooler. The cooler is also very capable in dealing with the card in an overclocked and overvolted state and keeps the temperatures within a perfectly acceptable range. The only downside to the cooler is that at times during extreme load it can be slightly loud.

The Asus ENGTX260 Matrix is a great option for all users who are looking for a high performance graphics solution at a reasonable price. The iTracker utility makes it simple for everyone from novice users to experienced enthusiasts to quickly overvolt and overclock the graphics card and thanks to the 3 year warranty coverage any worries about losing £160 can be brushed away. Never mind outperforming competing products such as pre-overclocked GTX260s the Asus ENGTX260 Matrix has produced performances in our testing that leave it ahead of the GTX275, a card which retails for £200 at the absolute minimum.

Asus have produced a card complete with great features and performance that enters the market at exactly the right price point to be a real winner. They haven’t skimped on the bundle either and have included all of the accessories you could need, including an HDMI adaptor and S/PDIF cable.


Available from LamdaTek – £163.58
Available from NewEgg – $199.99

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