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Wednesday | August 24, 2016
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DFI X58-T3H6 – LANParty Jr. BIOS & Software Medical School Admission Essay Length

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Product image Research Essay Basics DFI use Phoenix Award BIOS on their LANParty boards which means that most people will be familiar with the layout and operation. All of the standard screens are present and enthusiast users access the main settings through the “Genie BIOS Setting” screen which allows complete control of the performance features for the CPU, memory and motherboard. In here we can tweak the options to some very impressive figures such as memory voltage of 2.4v and CPU as high as 2.0v.  

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DFI Software

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Product image Annotated Bibliography Online DFI bundle plenty of software with their board but the most interesting application is Auto Boost System. Through this application we access pre-defined profiles which DFI have verified, these settings allow us to overclock our CPU to limits which DFI feel offer exceptional performance whilst maintaining stability. In the case of our i7 965 CPU this means raising the CPU voltage and BClk. After applying the setting in Windows the system reboots and no further user interaction is required, other than to press a key to continue with the new settings.