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Thermaltake ToughPower XT 850W PSU

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Power Supply Testing Methodology

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With the help of proper equipment and tools, our testing station became compact enough to fit inside a small carrying case. The basic design is simple. By using proper aluminum enclosed wire wound resistors we can load any voltage line with the exact amount of power of our choice, down to 1A steps and up to 1.6KW maximum power consumption. But our planning is not limited to that. By using bullet type connectors on all lines we can change the connections to suit our needs and counter different voltage line designs, ensuring that different power supply units can be tested properly. Furthermore high quality cables and soldering joints minimize power loss, while four analog ampere meters allow us to continuously watch the power load of four lines. Finally, four 92mm and two 80mm high speed fans ensure that our resistors stay cool enough to perform, as the properties of all wire wound resistors immensely degrade once they heat up.

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Product image Writing A Persuasive Paper For testing the efficiency of a power supply unit an AC power meter is necessary. The AC power meter allows us to monitor how much power the unit is drawing from the AC line, allowing us to calculate the efficiency within a 1% tolerance. Finally a Mastech 8218 high accuracy multimeter with RS232 interface allows us to monitor the voltage lines between 0.5s intervals via PC software. The Mastech 8218 is fast enough to catch any voltage fluctuations, it is as accurate as ±0.08% VDC and the PC connection via RS232 interface will eliminate any human errors while it also allows us to take a monitoring graph. Finally we are using two more Mastech 8217 multimeters featuring K-type thermocouples to continuously monitor the air temperature at both the intake and the exhaust of the unit we are testing.

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