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Sunday | May 29, 2016
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Asus W90Vp Laptop

Asus W90Vp Laptop

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Final Words and Conclusion

The Asus W90Vp is an impressive machine in many aspects but is not without its share of drawbacks.
For the most part, the machine’s performance is quite remarkable for a portable device, especially with the help of the software based overclocking utility which allows us to achieve a 249.9 score in our Photoshop Benchmark, making it one of the fastest laptops we have tested to date.

Gaming performance is also nothing short of exceptional for a notebook however the lack of a quad core processor in this model resulted in poor results with Grand Theft Auto IV. Customers in the United States currently have the option to purchase the W90 with a quad core CPU however those in the UK are out of luck for the time being. That said, the US model is only supplied with a 2GHz quad-core which is less than ideal as you will still want a high clock speed for those apps which don’t fully utilise all four cores. Considering the thermal performance of the CPU in our sample we are certain that the chassis could handle a quad without much of an issue.

While we’re on the topic of gaming performance, we were very disappointed to see the system shipped with such old video drivers and non-existent support for a newer version of Catalyst… this is an issue that really should be remedied quickly as the latest drivers contain a reasonable amount of optimisations, especially for Crossfire configurations. Unfortunately our Mobility Modder tool doesn’t yet support this hardware so we had to test with the supplied, outdated drivers.

The battery life is also a drawback to having such a power hungry machine; the 12 cell battery is only good for 1:30 in Asus power saving mode performing general tasks. However, we can’t imagine that the laptop will be used that often out of the way of a power outlet. With its massive 18.4 inch display and 5.2KG weight this desktop replacement is about as far from portable as you can get and is only really ideal for transporting from place to place and not for using on the move. The chassis itself is extremely well built and feels flex free and solid with an excellent selection of materials. No corners have been cut here and even the huge display is completely stiff across the back, an area where a lot of chassis have considerable weakness.

The Asus W90Vp is one of the most powerful desktop solutions we’ve seen to date and puts in very impressive performance across productivity and gaming tests. Considering the combination of quality, performance and value on offer the feature rich W90Vp is certainly a machine worth serious consideration if you are looking for a powerful desktop replacement. It is also supplied with a healthy bundle including a rucksack and a media centre remote with a USB IF signal extender. We just hope Asus offer this soon in the UK with a fast quad core!

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Available from AsusLaptop £2,175
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