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Saturday | May 28, 2016
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Alienware M17x Laptop

Alienware M17x Laptop

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GPU Computing 2 – Video Encoding and Enhancement

Video Encoding

In the past we have taken a look at the performance gains which can be achieved when converting small video files using Badaboom but recently Elemental added support for additional codec’s to the application. This makes the software much more flexible. Shown below is the result of converting a 1920×1080 file which was recorded in FRAPS to the highest quality iPod setting within Badaboom. For more information on Badaboom visit:

Video Enhancement
In the ever expanding list of software which can be enhanced by GeForce GPUs/CUDA one of the latest additions is vReveal from MotionDSP. This application allows us to take videos which are of less than average quality and significantly enhance them. A few simple button clicks can fix brightness, sharpness and even shaky camera work but it is an intensive process and GPU acceleration is very beneficial. For more information visit:

As well as performing video playback tasks the M17x GPUs are also compatible with applications which convert and enhance media files using CUDA. Badaboom is our preferred video transcoding application for GeForce cards and as the results show we are able to save significant amounts of time when converting video, regardless of the GPU chosen.

For those who want to clean up or enhance video files such as those recorded on mobile phones VReveal is a useful application. While the end result is impressive, the work required to process these movie files is significant and as the figures show the quad core Intel chip in the M17x has 96% CPU use providing 5 frames per second. When we enable GPU processing on the 9400 the framerate nearly doubles and CPU use falls to 27%. Switching over to the 280 adds 3fps more and drops the CPU use to 15%, a very impressive increase in performance which results in a significant decrease in the time taken to complete the task.

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