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AMD Roundup August 09

AMD Roundup August 09

23. GPU assisted upscaling of DVDs25. Conclusion


To measure the temperature of the 965 BE we left the system sitting idle on the Windows desktop for 30 minutes. After this period Everest was used to report the reading shown below. The same software was used for the load result which was obtained during repeated renders within Cinebench. Vapor-X temperatures were recorded during a game of Lost Planet: Colonies and when the system was idle at the desktop.

The results below show that there is little difference between the 955 and 965 CPUs when using a CoolIT Domino which is a good achievement for AMD. Moving to the comparison of Vapor-X against standard 4890 we see that Sapphire offer far better thermal performance (lower temperatures), even though they use higher clocks which generate more heat.

When we attach a mainstream cooler, the Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro, to the 965 and compare it to other AMD CPUs we see that there is a small increase over the 955. This is to be expected given the 200MHz increase in clock speed. There is a more interesting aspect of these results though, the 965 has lower temperatures than the older Phenom 9950.

Overclocking the Phenom 2 X4 965 Black Edition is a very simple process as it has unlocked multipliers, through changing these we are able in increase the speed of the CPU with very little tweaking other than the core voltage. Our overclocking test was performed on the CoolIT Domino A.L.C cooler with a voltage of 1.45v. Any further increase in voltage had no effect on this particular CPU. The end result was an increase of 520MHz to 3.92GHz using a 202MHz bus and 19.5 multiplier.

Overclocking the Sapphire card can be performed in two ways. First we can go into Catalyst Control Centre and allow the software to find a maximum safe overclock. Alternatively we can run a program such as Rivatuner and manually find the maximum speeds.

As ATI recently changed Catalyst Control Centre and in the process made it less user friendly we opted for the second option and found that the Vapor-X was able to achieve a maximum overclock of 1045MHz on the core and 1205MHz on memory.

  Stock Max OC
Phenom 2 965 BE 3.4 GHz (200×17) 3.94Ghz @ 1.45v
4890 Vapor-X 870/1050 1045/1205

To voice your opinions on the new CCC, good or bad, please visit our forum thread/Poll on the changes.

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