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Monday | May 30, 2016
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AMD Roundup August 09

AMD Roundup August 09

5. Asus Crosshair III Formula7. Asus M4A785TV-V EVO

Asus Crosshair III Formula OC Station

Our sample of the Crosshair III Formula arrived with this device, the OC Station. The OC Station connects to Republic of Gamer boards via USB and proprietary cables and allows us control of the motherboard and fans. Powered by a single Molex plug the OC Station sits in spare drive bays and through use of the 3 inch display and dial we can monitor or adjust the system settings. Essentially this device gives us control of the Asus EPU and AI suite functions in an external form.

Overall the device works well, it is nice to have the temperatures on display at all times and Asus offer options such as displaying slide shows on the screen. Overclocking essentially involves navigating through options by turning the dial and then hitting OK. The settings are applied quickly and we found that the OC Station worked as well as the Asus software; it had no impact on our maximum overclock potential.

Overall this is like any other external monitoring or overclocking device, though it does look exceptionally classy. Essentially it does exactly what it is advertised to do but we feel that for most people it is a luxury that can be done without as it adds little over the functionality we already have in Windows.

NOTE: For those using Windows 7, at the time of publishing Asus have not added full support for that OS.

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