Thursday | August 25, 2016
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SSD Roundup August 2009

SSD Roundup August 2009 Civil Rights Movement Paper


Custom Admission Essay 500 Word The first thing which struck us about the P128 is the high quality casing that Corsair use. It is without doubt the most visually appealing SSD we have tested. In addition to this it is the most rigid which ensures that the components inside are well protected from any sort of impact or pressure. Show My Homework East Research Papers Jane Eyre

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Law Paper Writing Service Crucial have taken longer than most companies to release their latest generation of SSDs on to the market but thankfully they have used this time to ensure the product is a high standard. By using a PCB which is different to the Indilinx reference design they have removed any need for a jumper during flashing and power use has been lowered.

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What Is Critical Thinking Paper With the Vertex Turbo OCZ have created the fastest Indilinx based SSD we have tested. The enhanced specifications of the drive allowed it to outperform the standard Crucial model throughout our review. A particular highlight was the high definition video writing test where the Vertex Turbo achieved results 20mb/s faster than the standard Indilinx drive.

When making the decision on which drive to purchase the decision should not be based purely on performance though. As we noted earlier in the review Samsung based drives cannot currently receive firmware updates. Indilinx based drives such as the Vertex Turbo can, and it is a simple operation which leaves data intact. We have also noted that Indilinx are very proactive about releasing updates and new features. They also offer a manual utility to refresh drive performance where as with Samsung based drives we have to rely on the controller performing this function.

The 3-year warranty offered by OCZ is good and exceeds most other companies but it is their user forum which is the most impressive aspect of the support process. On that forum there are a number of active and knowledgeable OCZ staff members who provide support and assistance to OCZ customers which provides great peace of mind when purchasing their products.

Summary: Without doubt the best Indilinx based SSD available. Now we can only hope for a Summit Turbo!

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