SSD Roundup August 2009

2. Corsair P128 - 128 GB4. OCZ Vertex Turbo - 120GB

Crucial M225 – 128 GB

Our review sample of Crucial’s M225 drive arrived without the retail packaging however the version used for the 256 GB model is shown above. The most notable aspect of the packaging is that it states that Crucial offer a five year warranty on their SSDs … by far the best warranty offered by anyone for this type of product.

The drive itself is a 2.5 inch model which uses a silver metal casing. One side is completely blank and on the other we can see a sticker which gives the drives capacity and model number.

As soon as we open the drive we recognise it as being very familiar … it is identical to the layout/design used by Super Talent on their Ultradrive ME range. Upon closer inspection there are a couple of minor changes to the components on the PCB but essentially it is the same. That should not be viewed as a negative aspect of the product though as we know from experience that Super Talent offers the best PCB for drives of this type. The M225 uses the ARM based Indilinx Barefoot controller with a 64mb DRAM cache which is manufactured by Elpida. The 128 GB of MLC NAND flash is manufactured by Samsung and there are sixteen chips in total. Crucial rate the M225 for 250MB/s read and 190MB/s write.

Our review sample arrived with firmware version 1571 installed which is the latest revision for Indilinx based drives. Basic idle time NAND management is present on this firmware version and in addition to this it is compatible with Indilinx Performance Refresh Tool which assists in maintaining performance at as high a level as possible in advance of TRIM support.

Based on the firmware process for other drives using this PCB/Controller we can say that the Crucial version will be easily upgraded in the future and that during this process data will be retained.

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