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Monday | May 30, 2016
go Blake Spraggins Dissertation.
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Alienware M15x Core i7

Alienware M15x Core i7

17. GPU Computing 2 - Video Encoding and Enhancement19. Conclusion

Battery/Temperature Performance

To test the M15x battery life we used the laptop in three different scenarios. In each the Windows 7 power profile was set to balanced. For general surfing and email/word use the laptop achieved over 2 hours of use from a single charge. BD playback was enough to watch most movies but gaming, the most demanding task was a little disappointing at only 1hour.

Before taking the temperature of the system the M15x was left idle at the desktop for 30minutes. For the load tests we performed sustained rendering on Cinebench for the CPU tests and played Lost Planet at 1280×720 and 1920×1200 for the GPU tests.

Overall the temperatures recorded in the system were very good with the most interesting aspect being how little the hard drive is affected by the temperature of the other components. Its location near the front of the chassis means that it is essentially isolated from the rest of the system and any temperature increases are related to the hard drive generating heat itself.

As mentioned earlier in the review the M15x BIOS allows us to enable or disable the Turbo functionality on the laptop. With Turbo enabled the system receives a boost in clockspeed which varies in size depending on the CPU installed. For our sample here is the increase we received in Fritz 11 performance between modes.

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