Tuesday | August 30, 2016
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Auzentech X-Fi Forte and Asus Xonar DS Sound Cards Essay Help Company

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http://www.whmoore.com/distribute-my-resume/ Distribute My Resume Over the last few years the quality of audio functionality on motherboards has increased significantly. The standard offerings such as Realtek’s 7.1 Channel 888 chipset offer a large amount of features with little cost to RRP of the board. Some manufacturers even go a step further by adding features such as daughter cards with advanced solutions based on Creative’s X-Fi technology.

http://www.sephiroth.it/?drama-coursework-help Drama Coursework Help Despite the improvements in audio chipsets a bad implementation on a motherboard can cause issues such as distortion, crackling and static. In those cases the option is to change the entire motherboard or buy an add-in card.

Today we have two cards from either end of the price spectrum on our test bench to find out what each has to offer. For those who feel their onboard sound is has issues, or anyone with high quality headphones/speakers this article should assist in finding the ideal purchase.