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    Slot layout on the DP55KG is good and runs PCIe 16x, PCIe 1x, PCIe 1x, PCIe 8x, PCI, PCIe 4x, PCI. Intel are also being clear about the speeds of the slots by not using full length PCIe 16 connectors on 8x circuits, no room for confusion here. It is also good to see that even with two dual slot cards installed we would still have access to two PCIe and a single PCI which is more than enough connectivity for most people. Buy A Research Papers

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    Public Service Announcement Homework Also worth noting at the bottom corner of the PCB is a skull logo, the eyes on this flash with drive activity which may appeal to people with case windows. As mentioned earlier the 24pin power connector sits at the top right of the board and beside it we find the memory slots. As with all of the P55 boards we have seen so far there are four slots split over two channels and Intel allow selection of DDR3-1600, with even more available via overclocking.

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