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Monday | May 30, 2016
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OCZ Agility EX SSD 60GB (SLC)

OCZ Agility EX SSD 60GB (SLC)

On First Page2. What is SLC?


Solid State Drives have been picking up momentum this year with a larger percentage of enthusiast user adopting them as the boot drive of choice. It is possibly one of the best investments you can make to speed up almost everything you will do with your computer. Windows will not only boot in a fraction of the time, but you will be able to load applications faster and generally enjoy a more responsive all round system.

OCZ have just released their latest Agility EX drive which differs from anything we have reviewed in the past because it is the first SLC based SSD drive aimed at a price point to target the mass enthusiast market. While Single Level cell (SLC) and Multi Level Cell (MLC) are similar in design, MLC flash costs considerably less to produce and allow for higher storage density. The benefits with SLC flash drives are that they provide faster write performance and greater reliability, even at temperatures above the operating range of MLC Flash devices.

We feel it is important to address exactly why there are differences between SLC and MLC drives – don’t let the technical nature of the text on the next page dissuade you from reading because it really is fascinating technology. More importantly this also goes some way to explain the benefits and reasons why OCZ have made the decision to push this SLC drive into the enthusiast sector.

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