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Wednesday | May 25, 2016
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Cooler Master Sentinel Mouse & Gaming Surfaces

Cooler Master Sentinel Mouse & Gaming Surfaces

1. Introduction3. A Closer Look

Packaging and Bundle

The Sentinel is packaged inside a clear plastic tray, fitted within a larger cardboard box for added protection. The plastic is moulded to the shape of the mouse meaning you can see and to some extent feel the shape of it without actually opening the box.

The box seems to be high quality with an attractive red and black design while also displaying various facts and figures about the mouse contained therein. Inside the box there is very little apart from the mouse, in fact only a driver CD and the StormGuard security device.

The StormGuard security device secures the Sentinel to your computer, fitting to an expansion slot in the back. It is quite easy to install, simply requiring you to wrap the USB cable around the slots and through the hooks, making sure that your mouse doesn’t get stolen from your computer. It would seem to have been designed with LAN events in mind as if you’re gaming at home it is very unlikely that your mouse will get stolen.

This does however present a potential drawback as if your mouse is permanently attached to your computer, moving it around to events like this may cause damage to the mouse cable. I personally believe that this device would be more appropriate for regular mice used in internet cafes and workplace environments where the computers are not moved around and there is an increased risk of the mice being stolen.

The Driver CD contains all the drivers and software enabling the configuration of the mouse, however the mouse doesn’t actually require these drivers to function. Also included on this CD is a digital user guide in PDF format which excuses the lack of a paper manual in the box although it does take some finding.

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