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Roccat Kone Gaming Mouse – A Closer Look

On first impressions the Kone doesn’t look much different from most other gaming mice – an ergonomic shape and some coloured lighting effects to enhance its appearance.  When you grip the mouse, however, you notice the smooth rubber finish, used almost exclusively which not only looks and feels good but also provides extra grip for more precise cursor control.

The plastics used seem to be of a generally high quality and the glossy strips down the sides and centre add to the aesthetic appearance of the mouse, breaking up the otherwise uniform rubber-paint finish.  On the downside, the glossy strips easily attract fingerprints and soon show up marks and scratches.

It is noticeable that ROCCAT have designed the Kone ergonomically to make it appropriate for both palm and claw grip gaming styles as it not only fit your palm perfectly but also has a slight alcove for your thumb which improves grip.

The left and right buttons have a good action and are slightly stiffer than those of many other gaming mice.  I personally find this favourable as it also makes them more responsive to multiple clicks, especially when using a single-shot weapon in various first person shooters.  I did however find that the mouse-wheel lacked friction so wasn’t as accurate for switching between weapons and items.

There are five different lighting zones – the ROCCAT logo on the back of the mouse and the glossy strips either side of the left and right mouse buttons.  Each area is independently configurable to one of 38 different shades of various colours to suit your preference.  With the lights turned off, the Kone is very subtle in appearance but with the lighting turned on, this completely changes.  The lighting is in no way over the top, it just extenuates the curves and wow-factor of the mouse.

 The USB connector lacks a gold plating which I would expect of a gaming mouse of this type and the cable lacks a durable braided finish like many other gaming mice. These are only minor issues however which don’t detract from the gaming performance of the mouse.

The weights system allows you to add between 5 to20 grams of mass through removable cartridges which can easily be added to, or removed from, the bottom of the mouse. Without a mass installed the Kone weighs in at 118g and, after trying all of the masses, I found the 5g one to be preferable for my personal style of gaming.

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