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XFX & Sapphire Radeon 5750 and 5770

XFX & Sapphire Radeon 5750 and 5770

3. Sapphire Radeon 5770 1 GB5. Sapphire Radeon 5750 1 GB

XFX Radeon 5750 1 GB

The XFX 5750 uses packaging which is very similar to their 5770 product, inside things are a little different though. A power convertor cable is included but the CrossFire bridge and DVI to VGA convertor are gone, as is the BattleForge voucher. This is a real no-frills product from XFX.

XFX have once again gone with the reference ATI design on the 5750 and this means we get a rather odd looking dual slot GPU cooler. It is however nice to see ATI/XFX stepping away from small, noisy coolers which we have seen on previous mid-range reference cards.

Like the 5770, half of the 5750’s memory can be found on the back of the card and this is another model which has two CrossFire connectors on the top edge of the card. Other similar features include a single 6pin PCIe power connector and outputs consisting of DisplayPort, HDMI 1.3 and two Dual-Link DVIs. As with all of the 5000 series products which have been released to-date the 5750 allows connection of three displays with each running at 2560×1600.

The 5750 also uses the 40nm DirectX11 based Juniper GPU but as expected some of the specifications are lower than the 5770. The 5750 uses 720 stream processors and 36 texture units. It retains the same number of ROPs at 16 but has a lower core speed of 700MHz and memory drops down to 1150MHz. Due to the slightly lower specification the power use falls to 86w load and 16w idle from 108w load and 18w idle on the 5770.

The 5750 shares the rest of its feature list with the higher specification model so fully supports Shader Model 5, DirectCompute 11, DTS Master Audio, Dolby True HD, Blu-Ray acceleration, PCI-Express 2.0 and OpenCL.

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