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Friday | July 29, 2016
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Corsair HX650W Power Supply

Corsair HX650W Power Supply


Corsair are a company who always adhere to the highest quality standards and the HX650W is merely another example of their dedication to providing the most reliable products possible. The use of proven and very high quality components such as the industrial grade Nippon Chemi-Con capacitors, the excellent manufacturing quality and the relatively simple but very reliable base design make the HX650W one of the most dependable products we have ever tested. It is no wonder that Corsair offers a 7 year long warranty with this particular model.

Even though the Corsair HX650W is an all black unit its design certainly is not monotonous. The blue stickers do improve the aesthetic value of the unit for those who have windowed side panels, but it is the black flat cables which we really enjoyed about the HX650W. Even if you do not have a windowed side panel you will love the flat black cables of the HX650W because they are very easy to route while they feel and look far classier than regular sleeved cables.

The HX650W may not be one of the cheaper 650W units but it offers excellent value to the targeted audience. Corsair designed the HX650W to be an extremely reliable high performance power supply unit satisfying the needs of hardcore enthusiasts and modders, not the needs of the average Joe. If you are looking for a good looking modular unit combining excellent performance and outstanding reliability, the HX650W should be among the first few places of your shortlist.

Overall the Corsair HX650W is an excellent and highly competitive product. It combines superb overall performance, good aesthetics and first-rate reliability for demanding users who prefer to pay a little extra to demand the best on the market. The black flat cables will also draw the attention of many modders as they look much better than regular cables and are quite difficult to find nowadays. The very long 7 year warranty adds to the value of the HX650W, although this unit is built like a tank and it would be next to impossible to cause it any damage during normal use.

Ebuyer £89.96 inc vat
Newegg $129.99
after rebate

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