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Monday | May 30, 2016
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Ultra X4 750W Power Supply

Ultra X4 750W Power Supply

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Ultra’s latest PSU series, the X4, consists of no less that 7 units with an output ranging from a meager 500W up to a mind blowing 1600W. The X4 series is the successor to the very successful X3 series which has been Ultra’s flagship range of products for several years. We reviewed both the weakest 500W version and the high end 1200W version of the series not too long ago and we found them both to be very competitive products in their power range.

Today we bring you the review of a third product from the same series, the X4 750W supply. With a power output that seems to be ideal for the vast majority of gaming systems this product clearly aims towards mainstream gamers and enthusiasts. Ultra designed the X4 750W unit to combine high reliability, electrical performance and superior aesthetics all in one package. We will thoroughly examine its overall performance and see if it has the potential to compete as well as the more powerful units of the series in today’s very demanding technology market.

Manufacturer Features & Specifications

Max Output Current +5V +3.3V +12V -12V +5VSB
30A 24A 54A 0.5A 3A
Maximum Combined Wattage 170W 648W 6W 15W
729W 21W
  • Modular Design – Patented technology helps reduce clutter by using only the cables needed.  This not only increases airflow within the case, but it gives the inside of the computer a clean and professional look that is easier to manage and service.
  • 80 Plus Certified – The X4 line received the coveted 80 Plus Bronze certification meeting a stringent energy efficiency performance specification. This optimization ensures that that less energy is wasted by the computer and heat and noise generated by the PSU are minimized.
  • Power Protection – Short circuit protection, in-rush current protection, and thermal overload cutoff protection – all work in conjunction to protect systems from under voltage, surges and brown outs.
  • Simple Installation – All X4 PSUs include thumb screws, zip ties and Velcro straps to make the build process as streamlined as possible.
  • Lifetime Warranty – Register online or by sending in the included warranty card and receive a lifetime warranty.  
  • Reduced Acoustics – Featuring a large 135mm dual bearing cooling fan, Ultra’s X4 power supplies offer reduced acoustics, increased airflow and longer life. Further, Ultra includes a silicone chassis bracket which significantly reduces vibration noises typically caused between the chassis and the fan.

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