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Tuesday | February 28, 2017
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Battlefield:Bad Company 2 (Preview)

Battlefield:Bad Company 2 (Preview)

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Bad Company 2

Custom Essay Com Help With Writing A Dissertation Hard The Battlefield: Bad Company game was a cross-over of both genre and attitudes designed to inject more fun and action into the Battlefield franchise. Set during a fictional war between America and Russia, players controlled a group of soldiers with the sort of personality flaws that while rendering them completely inappropriate for military service did make them more interesting than the generic, nameless grunts you see in most military games. It also ramped the action all the way up to 11, featuring huge explosions, implausible use of weapons and completely destructible environments. Although set in a modern alternative to popular history, the game’s feel had more in common with those classic war films that would see groups of armed caricatures attempt to complete a "suicide mission" with huge casualties on both sides. Think "The Dirty Dozen" meets the latest Rambo and once you’ve stopped shuddering you’ll realise you’re not too far off with the analogy.

In the gaming industry more so than anywhere else one good turn usually deserves another and so the sequel was penciled in for release and we managed to lay our hands on the beta key for one of the most highly anticipated action experiences of the year. Would the game measure up to its predecessor and would it be capable of appeasing the casual player and the die-hards alike?

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Essay About Depression For those unfamiliar with the first game, or indeed any games of this genre, the multiplayer premise is quite simple. The teams are divided into two teams, one attacking and one defending. Depending on the mode that you select there will be an objective – in the case of the "Rush" mode available to beta players have to bomb the opponents supply crates – and have to use a variety of soldier types and vehicles to either achieve those ends, or prevent the opposite team from doing so. Players choose classes, broad military archetypes that specialise in one particular field such as demolitions or sniping, each possessing their strengths and weaknesses but all ultimately being potent in the right hands. Economic Dissertation

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Pay To Get Your Essay Done The beta allows players to compete on one map called Port Valdez and upon entering the game you are plunged straight into the thick of the action. Floating down to the snowy backdrop via parachute while being shot at is how the game starts. Once the character has landed we are presented with a variety of choices. We can jump on the nearby Quad Bikes and speed down the muddy hills in an attempt to get superior tactical positions to the enemy, or hide in some foliage and provide covering fire for advancing colleagues, we can even get into a tank and trundle off towards the enemy base. War hasn’t been this much fun since we were five years old.

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However if the player has played any of the Battlefield or recent Call of Duty series they will be immediately familiar with what’s going on. Upon loading the game it occurred to us that this is something of a blessing and a curse. A blessing for the people that have played each incarnation of the game as they will be at home immediately but also a curse for those who are new to this sort of game. The Battlefield series are notoriously complex games to get into as opposed to the usual pick-up-and-play FPS title and this proved no different. For the uninitiated player it would prove to be a steep learning curve and there seems to be nothing, in the beta at least, to bridge that gap.

Product image Product image Write An Essay About Air Pollution Using Cause And Effect Order The other huge plus has to be the sheer number of methods of destruction. While the truly competitive amongst us might well want to specialise, there is a near giddy excitement to be had in one moment firing a rocket launcher from on foot, to driving a heavily armored battle tank into the thick of battle, to then flying round in a helicopter gunship mowing down scattering infantry from on high. It is a sheer joy to experience but again each vehicle has to be mastered and in the wrong hands this joy can be very short-lived indeed.

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Ultimately Bad Company 2 is going to appeal to fans of the series, even though they may feel a little cheated that it doesn’t really present them with anything they haven’t experienced before. New players will have to spend a long and frustrating time getting to grips with the controls and tactical elements of the game and it seems little has been done to simplify the experience or even explain the subtleties of multiplayer. This isn’t a grumble as such, as who wants their games “dumbed down”? But hours and hours of experimentation will be required for the novice before they can make informed decisions about what they will be best at. It is a shame then that as it stands BC2 hasn’t taken the opportunity to bring something new to what is a fairly crowded table. As an experience the game delivers but we feel once players have unlocked the equipment and achievements, once maximum rank has been attained, what will be left to see which we haven’t seen before? On this showing, not much.

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