Sapphire Radeon HD5450 512MB Review

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Final Words and Conclusion

Until now ATI had been very successful with its 5000 series launches. Each product released offered exceptional performance and the pricing for the various models made them very attractive. The feature-set was also very impressive, giving us the world’s first DirectX 11 capable products at each price level.

Today that trend of impressive product launches continues, though with one caveat. The single caveat is that the Radeon 5450 is most desirable in the sub £40 price range, after that it enters a very competitive market segment where higher specification cards offer much improved gaming framerates.

In the sub £40 price bracket it is hard to beat the Sapphire card. Gaming performance when compared to the £35 GeForce 210 is fantastic with the 5450 often offering average framerates which are higher than the maximum achievable on the NVIDIA based card. Added to this is the silent operation, low power use (6.5W idle!) and ability to use HDMI 1.3a with Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio. Then of course there are the headline features of the card, DirectX 11 and DirectCompute 5. The ability to game with DirectX 11 will vary from title to title but as our results show, two 5450 in CrossFireX were more than enough to handle DiRT 2 and a single card is more than capable of performing well in GPU computing tasks such as video encoding as well as DirectX 10/9 games.

When priced competitively the Sapphire Radeon HD5450 offers more features and outperforms the nearest competition by some way.

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