Enermax MODU87+ GOLD 600W Power Supply Review

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Enermax MODU87+ GOLD 600W PSU – The Unit

The chassis of the Modu87+ is not larger than that of a standard size ATX unit, ensuring compatibility with all cases designed for ATX power supplies. Enermax usually tries to make their products look different to the competition and the Modu87+ is no exception. The chassis is sprayed with a semi-glossy black paint and Enermax replaced the usually golden fan grill with a black one, installing a fan with reflective golden blades instead. The company logo can be seen covering the area above the fan’s motor. Enermax have placed the sticker with the electrical specifications of the unit at the top of the chassis, hiding it from sight when looking at the interior of the case through windowed side panels. The name of the series is etched at the sides of the unit but without any information which could reveal the specific model of the series, such as the unit’s rated output.

The rear of the Enermax Modu87+ is entirely perforated for the warm air to escape outside the system’s case. A rocker on/off switch and a small area where you can place the series sticker at can be seen at the rear. The locks for the "Cordguard" latch can be seen right beneath the AC power cord connector. By installing the latch, we can "trap" the AC power cable so that it will not accidentally come off. Although many might fail to see the point of this feature, some users (such as those with young children roaming about) might find this handy. At the front you can see the seven connectors for the modular cables, five for Molex/SATA cables and two for PCIe devices.

The Enermax Modu87+ unit offers the following number of connectors:

Native cables 24-pin ATX connector
1 x 4+4 pin 12V CPU connector
Modular cables 2 x 6+2 pin 12V PCIe connectors
8 x SATA connectors
8 x Molex connectors
1 x Floppy connector

Naturally the golden fan was branded as another Enermax product, as the company has their own series of cooling fans. This fan is using a “twister bearing”, which essentially is a miniaturized magnetic bearing. Magnetic bearings are relatively expensive to manufacture but are one of the most reliable and quiet bearing designs currently available. The bat wing blades are supposed to increase the fan’s airflow by up to 30% and the magnetic bearing reduces the fan’s noise by 1-2dB (A).

The base design of the Modu87+ is relatively unique. It is developed by Enermax and only implemented in their Modu87+/Pro87+ series for the time being but it is not very different to the technology most 80Plus Gold units currently use. The design is based on a technique called "Dynamic Hybrid Transformer Topology". In layman’s terms what this power supply can do is adjust both the charging voltage of the primary capacitor and the step frequency of the transformers according to its power load, maximizing its electrical efficiency. This probably sounds easy but actually fine-tuning the control circuits to optimally adjust both the AC charging voltage of the primary capacitor and the frequency of the transformer according to the power load is an engineering nightmare.

Enermax engineers seem to have gone beyond what is required when designing the filtering stage; this power supply has almost twice as many filtering components than is recommended for ATX PSUs! The company went with a Rubycon 420V/390μF capacitor at their primary side, an expensive but very reliable choice. All of the secondary side electrolytic capacitors are made by Nippon Chemi-Con. The solid state capacitors appear to be coming from Enesol, a South Korean manufacturer. Two DC to DC conversion circuit boards can be seen at the secondary side, chopping the 12V voltage output of the transformer and creating the 3.3V and 5V lines. The blue heatsinks aren’t massive but they should to be more than adequate for a unit of this class.

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