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Intel Core i7 980X – Gulftown Processor Review

Intel Core i7 980X – Gulftown Processor Review

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Overclocking and Thermal Performance

Persuasive Essay On Addiction To overclock our 980X we went down the manual route of configuring the CPU bus, multiplier and voltage. The starting point was 3.33GHz using 133×25 at 1.25v. Our final overclock was 147×29 at 1.4v which gave us a 4.26GHz CPU on Intel’s new DBX-B heatsink, speaking of which…

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Core i7-980X 3.33GHz (133×25) 4.26GHz (147×29) Phd Thesis Tilburg University
Intels New Cooling Solution – DBX-B

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Help With Dissertation Writing Quickly

Product image Funny College Application Essay Help Anyone who has bought a retail boxed Intel CPU in the past few years will be familiar with their standard cooler. It is a very basic model which adequately cools the processor with average, at best, noise levels. With the 980X Intel have attempted to take on some of the more reasonably priced after-market coolers; bundling their new DBX-B cooler with the processor. Educational Leadership Phd Thesis

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The Help Critical Essay Online Professional Resume Writing Services Los Angeles Radford University Admissions Essay To test the performance of the DBX-B we took a mainstream aftermarket cooler and ran it on the 980X. As the results show the new Intel cooler is very competitive in Q/Low mode, offering similar performance to Thermaltake’s £22/$40 cooler. When we move up to P/High setting on the Intel cooler the load temperature is 9 degrees cooler than the Contac 29 which is a great result. College Assignment Help

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