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    Product image Ways To Start A College Essay Cinebench R11.5 64-bit

    Master Thesis Economics Cinebench has been a personal favourite test of ours for a long time now; it uses methodology comparable to a standard rendering task. It is a great indication of performance a designer can expect when using Cinema4d as the rendering engine is the same.  The 64-bit build of the application was used for this test.

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    Cinebench R11.5 makes full use of the 12 threads on our i7-980X and the end result is a huge increase in performance over the i7-975. Watching this test run really does give an indication of just how powerful the 980X is, the image renders incredibly quickly compared to anything else we have tested… it’s a real wow factor experience for anyone who is used to seeing the test run. For those on AMD systems considering the move to Intel, the new CPU offers over twice the performance of the fastest Phenom II Processor.

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