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Masscool MP-1371RS Media Player Do My Assignment Onine

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Masscool MP-1371RS Media Player – User Interface

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The splash screen above appears almost immediately when master power is switched on at the rear of the unit, followed shortly thereafter by the top level menu showing the three main functions. Navigation through menus and selections are made in familiar fashion with the handheld IR remote control.

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The File Copy function allows for movement of shared files between the three defined storage types. A USB device is attached directly to the MP-1371RS via a USB port. HDD is a hard drive mounted inside the Masscool player. NET allows selection from all shared media attached to or installed within computers or other devices active on the local network.

Product image Product image Essay Writing Brain Drain The Browser function allows for selection, preview and playback of media stored on all the available storage devices. For each type of storage selected along the left side of the screen, a file tree structure can be navigated for all or each of the three selectable media types shown across the top of the screen. A blank preview window is shown positioned on the right side of the screen.

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Product image Product image How To Quote In An Essay Myriad parameters are able to be chosen using the Setup function, as shown above. Settings can be made to accommodate a wide range of display technologies as well as provide flexibility and convenience features appropriate to each media type.