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Wednesday | May 25, 2016
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Novatech X1 CA Gaming Notebook Review

Novatech X1 CA Gaming Notebook Review

6. BIOS and Software8. Photoshop Benchmark V3

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Specification and Testing Methodology

Intel Core i7-720QM CPU
4GB Qimonda DDR3 RAM (2x 2GB)
3x Seagate 500GB 7200rpm HDD (16MB Cache)
LG Blu-Ray Drive
Intel Wireless 5300 AGN
1920 x 1080p 18.4" Screen

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
GeForce Driver 195.65
DirectX 9.0c/DirectX 10 August 2009
Photoshop CS4 64-bit
Cinebench R10 & R11.5 (64-bit)
Adobe Media Encoder CS4
Easy CD-DA Converter
SiSoft Sandra Business Pro
Black Magic Disk Speed Test
Aliens VS Predator
Modern Warfare 2
Crysis: Warhead

PowerDVD 9

X1 CA Dimensions: 439(W) x 299(D) x 44(H)mm

After receiving the X1 CA, the system was wiped to ensure a clean build was in place. All Windows updates were then installed as were the latest builds of the benchmarking tools. Finally, the hard drive was de-fragmented.

Good Benchmarking Practice
Where possible, each benchmark was performed three times and the median result for each resolution/setting is shown in the tables that will follow. All applications had their latest patches applied and all hardware features the latest BIOS/Firmware.

HardwareHeaven does not use benchmark scripts. We play the games for long periods of time on various levels and report any unusual findings we see. Then we record with FRAPS across several in game levels recording the averages. This is real world testing and is just how you guys will experience the game. Occasionally we might throw in a time demo as a further comparison, but we will note it.

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