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Friday | May 27, 2016
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Sennheiser PC 360 G4ME Headset Review

Sennheiser PC 360 G4ME Headset Review

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Final Words and Conclusion

When we received the PC 360 G4ME from Sennheiser there was nothing about the packaging which suggested it would be anything special. The same could be said of the bundle, which is non-existent and given the cost a protective travel case should be included. The box looks professional enough though and has a decent amount of product information but there was nothing to make it really stand out as containing a high quality headset. However upon unboxing the product the overall impression begins to change.

The first thing which is apparent is that this is a reasonably light headset; at 300g it has a great balance between weight and quality. There is very little metal in the external construction, only the grills on the earpieces are anything but plastic and rubber but this doesn’t detract from the quality as the headset is well made with no rough edges or ill-fitting joints. Speaking of the joints, the PC 360 offers a good level of flexibility but some users may be disappointed that the headset cannot be made more compact for transit to and from gaming events.

Comfort is also an area where the PC 360 excels, it feels fantastic when in use thanks to the light weight and velvet lined headband and earpieces. It really is one of those headsets which feels natural when on. The decision to include the mic mute and volume dial on the earpieces also helps this aspect as there is no weighty control mid-wire to drag down the headset when in use. The decision to go for an open design will please many, ensuring that the user’s ears remain cool at all times but this does allow a lot of sound out of the headset which may not suit some environments. When no audio is being played the same design means that external noise can enter but thankfully when in use, with a normal level of volume the sound produced covers up external noise well.

The construction and design of a headset can be good but when it comes down to it the product succeeds or fails on its audio performance. In terms of the microphone, it is perfect for its intended purpose. The quality experienced in game was praised by our team and clan members which is all we can ask for. The audio reproduction when gaming was very impressive, in fact the best we have experienced to date. The PC 360 produces exceptional clarity and power with a very spacious sound which benefits the gameplay experience. We also noted during our testing that the headset is capable of producing a very loud level of volume, those who like to destroy their eardrums will not be disappointed.

Great gaming performance is expected from headsets which are designed for enthusiast/pro gamers but they often lack in other tasks such as music or movie playback. It is clear that Sennheiser aimed to fix this common issue though as the packaging and product material are keen to promote the headset as a multi-purpose or “Hi-FI”. In this respect Sennheiser have absolutely achieved their goal, the experience when watching a movie/concert or when listening to music was fantastic for a consumer headset. Every aspect which we look for was present from clarity/detail to power and spacious sound, even the bass was produced very well… a failing of many “gaming” headsets.

This experience does come at a cost, the PC 360 G4ME is one of the most expensive headsets on the market for consumers but users who purchase one will receive quality which is appropriate to the price paid, especially when paired with a high specification soundcard.

With the PC 360 G4ME Sennheiser has once again created an audio powerhouse with fantastic performance and great build quality. For both pro and casual gamers this is a must have product.

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Available from OCUK – £169

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