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DX11 Graphics Cards High End Roundup June 2010

DX11 Graphics Cards High End Roundup June 2010

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DirectX 11 Graphics Cards - Roundup

DiRT 2 – DirectX 11 Buy Case Writing Analysis The new 5000 series ATI graphics cards and 400 series NVIDIA models are the most advanced on the market and DiRT 2 utilizes many aspects of their DX11 technology such as Hardware tessellation on water, cloth and crowd surfaces. There is also DirectCompute 11 accelerated high definition ambient occlusion and Full Floating point high dynamic range lighting as well as full screen resolution post processing. Some of these such as HADO and HDR are always enabled but hardware tessellated animated crowds and dynamic water are only turned on with ULTRA settings. Charismatic Leadership Research

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Who Can Write My Assignment For Me Best Dissertation Writing 15 Minutes Day We mentioned on the last page that Crysis is a game where Radeon cards dont offer an ideal level of scaling as we add GPUs, that isnt the case with Dirt 2 where the Sapphire 5970 Toxic gives us a significant increase in framerates over the 5870 which itself scores impressively. The main benefit of the 5970 in this particular game would be the ability to connect two large resolution displays and still maintain playable framerates.

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