Hard-Drive Roundup June 2010

12. Test System14. 4K Performance CrystalDiskMark

Hard-Drive Roundup

SiSoft Sandra Read/Write Test

Benchmark Results

SiSoft Sandra’s disk benchmark allows us to run a synthetic test on the various drives which are being reviewed today, letting us see an average read/write rating as well as the peak speed achieved on each model.

Starting with the two SandForce drives we can see that both hit a peak read speed of just under 270MB/s with write performance as high as 261MB/s. In both areas OCZ have a very slight advantage but not to a level which would be noticeable in real world use. Moving on to the Crucial C300 we can see the advantage of a SATA 3 interface on read speeds, exceeding the SATA 2 specification by over 57MB/s. Also worth noting is that the Read/Write ratio on this drive is similar to older controllers with their being a significant gap between the two.

For testing purposes Kingston provided us with two 30GB V Series drives so that we could test RAID 0 performance, a configuration which could provide a good price/performance ratio. In terms of maximum read and write results we see that adding the second drive gives a good boost in performance and the single drive is peaking above the speeds advertised by Kingston.

Moving to the mechanical drives the Seagate model, despite using a SATA 3 interface, doesn’t come close to reaching the speeds available to SATA 2 devices. It is however a drive where, despite being a 7200RPM model, can peak above the 10,000 RPM VelociRaptor. That said, the Raptor retains its performance across the platter but the Barracuda falls well below this level the further we get into the 2TB capacity.

Finally we have the Scorpio Black which provides a good balance of 2.5” mechanical performance with low noise, exceeding the Kingston single drive write speed.

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