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Saturday | July 30, 2016
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Hard-Drive Roundup June 2010

Hard-Drive Roundup

4K QD32 Performance (CrystalDiskMark)

Benchmark Results

Earlier in the article we discussed the 4K Aligned IOPS performance which is often quoted as being an important factor for SSDs. In fact OCZ and Corsair both advertise their 50K performance as being a big selling point. We also noted that this figure isnt necessarily something which is a meaningful statistic for users. To make that performance a little clearer and easier to understand we can run CrystalDiskMark which allows us to run a synthetic 4K test at the SSD recommended queue depth of 32, resulting in a performance figure which is a more understandable MB/s figure.

In this test a mechanical drive such as the Barracuda XT or VelociRaptor score around 2.0/1.5MB/s which gives us a baseline figure for performance. Moving up to the Indilinx based drive we see a huge increase in read performance hitting 71MB/s and despite the write speed being low in comparison it is still vastly better than a mechanical drive. Then we have the three new drives which are being reviewed, the OCZ and Corsair SandForce drives and the Marvell based Crucial C300. Both SandForce drives are a considerable amount faster than the older Indilinx based model however the more expensive C300 is in its own performance segment at 228.5/185.1MB/s.

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