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CoolIT OMNI ALC for GPUs Review

CoolIT OMNI Advanced Liquid Cooling for GPUs

Buy Thesis Back in 2006 we reviewed a new product from a little known company, Term Paper Writers Customers Review the Freezone by CoolIT which was an impressive attempt at factory sealed liquid cooling by the Calgary based manufacturer. A year or so later they were back with two new models which improved the product in several ways, Dissertation Help Uk offering two different coolers which catered for different budgets. The idea of a pre-plumbed, ready to install liquid cooler was something which clearly appealed to CoolIT and in late 2008 they moved away from the Freezone range and released their game changing product, the Domino A.L.C.

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That brings us to 2010 and the release of CoolIT’s latest CPU product, the Friday Night Lights Essay ECO A.L.C. which aimed to take on and beat the H50 whilst improving on the Domino. When we reviewed the ECO we found it to perform well and hit a great price point. It was also clear that CoolIT had made another step up in build quality and somehow they had managed to simplify the installation method even further, making the ECO a very desirable option.

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