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CPU Cooler Roundup July 2010 Part 2

CPU Cooler Roundup July 2010 Part 2

1. Introduction3. Corsair A50 Cooler Installation

CPU Cooler Roundup - Corsair, Titan and Cooler Master

Corsair A50 Cooler

Product image Product image
Corsair package their A50 cooler in a large box which features a clear image of the product inside and lists all of the important specifications on the sides. Inside the cooler is encased in foam and the bundled components are located in a small cardboard box. We have a tube of thermal paste, well written installation manual and brackets for installation on socket 1366, 1156, 775 along with AM2/3.

Product image Product image

Product image

The heatsink itself uses aluminium fins with three direct contact 8mm copper heatpipes in a U shape design. The dimensions of the heatsink are 159.5×124.6×81.2mm and as the above image shows the finish of the cooler is exceptional.

Product image Product image

Corsair include a fan which is branded with their own name. It is a dual ball bearing, brushless model with a rating of 12v and 0.18A. Measuring 120x120x25mm its listed airflow is 50-61CFM with 1.8-2.33mm H20 static pressure and a noise level of 26-31.5dBA. At full speed the fan runs at 2000RPM and when connected to the bundled adapter cable the speed is reduced to 1600RPM.  It is also worth noting that the fan is held in the frame by rubber mounts and vibrations between the fan and heatsink are minimised by four rubber sections in the corners of the clip on fan shroud.

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