CPU Cooler Roundup July 2010 Part 2

5. Corsair A70 Cooler Installation7. Cooler Master V6GT Installation

CPU Cooler Roundup - Corsair, Titan and Cooler Master

Cooler Master V6GT Cooler

Cooler Master packages their V6GT in a box which goes for a stylish approach rather than showing a full image of the cooler on the front. Inside we find the main body of the heatsink fully assembled and encased in foam. The bundled components are packaged in a smaller cardboard box and along with the various brackets and screws required for the install we have a couple of installation manuals with some thermal paste.

It is clear as soon as we see the V6GT that Cooler Master has put a lot of thought into the styling, giving it the look of a muscle car. The dimensions of this cooler are 131x120x168mm and it weighs 939g when assembled.

Cooler Master use fifty five 0.3mm aluminium fins on the V6 and position them at a 5 degree angle sloping horizontally. The six 6mm copper heatpipes which run through the copper base are in a standard U shape however they are positioned in a v shape (when looking down on the cooler) so that each is directly hit by the airflow passing through the fans, rather than in a straight line where the first heatpipe absorbs most of the airflow.

The fans included with this cooler are rated up to 2200RPM which gives them an airflow rating of 93.74CFM and air pressure figure of 3.30mm H20. Cooler Master rate the noise level at 38dBA when running at maximum RPM and the Dynaloop bearing used on this model is rated for 40,000 hours.

Most high performance coolers in recent times use a direct contact heatpipe design however Cooler Master have chosen not to on this model, opting for a copper CPU block which the heatpipes pass through.

Finally, the V6 GT has a maximum rated current of 0.7A and operating voltage which tops out at 13.2VDC.

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